Marketing in the Digital Era

Revamping skills and redesigning the operating model can create significant improvements in productivity and time to market—transforming marketing into a genuine source of competitive advantage. For today’s marketing departments, new digital technologies are creating not only great opportunities but also considerable risk. They can enable more effective and cost-efficient customer targeting, but they typically also … Read more

Digital Marketing Training Integrated DM Certification

The increase in social media users in Indonesia shows public awareness of various types of digital marketing in their lives. As a marketer, you must understand how far digital marketing can answer market needs, and how to develop the right strategy to increase your company’s sales. After participating in this DIGITAL MARKETING training, participants are … Read more

Business Intelligence System Examples (Real in 2023)

Business intelligence System is a set of analytical tools in the form of business information that is used to consolidate, analyze, store and access a lot of data in the context of business processes that lead to making decisions and actions with the aim of improving business or business performance. Business intelligence provides an avenue … Read more

8 Business Intelligence Tools For 2023 ( Top Talent Economy )

Business Intelligence can be weighed as a significant managerial capability these days. Organizations now push their business remote ahead of their competitors by potentially boosting brand consciousness, internal appointment, organizational effectiveness, and productivity with the aid of BI. There are many BI tools accessible and being used today, but below, we have mentioned the top … Read more