Digital Marketing Training Integrated DM Certification

The increase in social media users in Indonesia shows public awareness of various types of digital marketing in their lives. As a marketer, you must understand how far digital marketing can answer market needs, and how to develop the right strategy to increase your company’s sales. After participating in this DIGITAL MARKETING training, participants are expected to be able to encourage customer involvement, reach a more optimal target market, increase sales, and build digital branding with a more efficient cost.

Digital Marketing Training Objectives

  • Understand more about Digital Marketing and can apply it so that it can increase sales optimally.
  • Able to create digital branding with a more efficient cost.
  • Able to determine the basic model of implementing Online Marketing that can be executed according to market conditions in Indonesia.
  • Able to develop strategies for using Online Media, based on goals and industry/product categories.
  • Know more about the advantages and disadvantages of various types of online media, compared to other conventional media, and even compared to other types of online media.

Digital Marketing Training Materials

  • Strategic Issues
  • Digital Marketing Modelling
  • Digital Marketing Tactics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Implementation

Digital Marketing Training Participants

Manager, Assistant Manager, Marketing Staff, Sales Manager, Promotion, Communication, Business Development, Brand Manager.

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Digital Marketing Right Now!

  • Wide Job Opportunities
  • High Salary Prospects
  • Can Be Learned Easily Without a Digital Marketing Background
  • Increasing Opportunities for Business Success and Increasing Turnover

After graduating from the Digital Marketing Course, you are guaranteed to master Digital Marketing Skills that are currently much needed in the world of work, such as:

  • Able to create customer personas and understand the customer journey. So you can find out effective digital marketing.
  • Able to run and optimize ads through Facebook Ads and Google Ads.
  • Able to increase company website traffic by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, both on-page and off-page which SEO courses have learned in class.
  • Able to create interesting content to increase engagement on social media.
  • Have strong analytical skills and be able to use web analytic tools (Google Analytics).
  • Implementing online sales courses by implementing digital marketing strategies that have been learned in class.